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Our Milestone

  • Founded in 2004 by brothers Phil and Cedric Ho, the duo started the business supplying wholesale coffees and machines to offices and cafes
  • End of 2004 saw the birth of the first hands-on barista workshop in Singapore. Thousands from as far as the U.S.A. have benefited from this quality program
  • Early 2006, the first coffee appreciation workshop was conducted and since then many thousands have attended from schools, organizations and government institutions
  • At about the same time, Highlander Coffee Bar opened its doors to serve handcrafted espresso coffees and simple food fare at 49 Kampong Bahru Road
  • Late 2006, we started to to roast our coffees inhouse and retailed our own signature Supremo Blend. Today, it’s the hot favorite serve in our espresso bar, homes and offices
  • In 2007, our retail showroom combined with an online shop was established to offer the sale of various espresso coffee machines and accessories
  • In Nov 2010, Highlander Coffee joins 29 other winners to receive the Spirit of Enterprise 2010 honorees award

Our Aspiration

Our vision is to built a great coffee company to share with those that want to learn, enjoy or simply serve great gourmet coffee to others.

Our mission is to provide world-class fresh hand roasted coffees, coffee beverages, coffee training, espresso machines, coffee accessories for millions of individual gourmet coffee lovers, offices/organisations, food & beverage establishments in Singapore, South East Asia, China and India to help them:

  • Enjoy more of their coffee experience by means of quality coffee training, products and service support.
  • Enhance their coffee image and increased their coffee revenues.
  • Experience a tastier cup of coffee beverage consistently delivered at our coffee bar.

Our first responsibility is to our coffee customer who use our products and services. Our second responsibility is to our employees and the coffee trade. In carrying out our day-to-day business, our long-term commitment will be to:

  • Treat our employees with respect.
  • Embrace the philosophy that our customers are the ones that contribute to our success.

Our staff will be comprised of people who are passionate about coffee, genuinely friendly, with high integrity, respect, honesty, and excellent team players. They must be innovative and believe in constantly reinventing our brand and product offering. We must be  the best in our efforts to recruit, select, train and manage our staffs' careers in tandem with our growth objectives.