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coffee cupping workshop (level 2)

What is the best coffee in the world? Is there such a thing?

Why learn from Highlander Coffee Academy?

The fact is, there is no such thing as the best coffee! Just like wine, coffee quality is very personal. The 'Blue Mountain' coffee from Jamaica considered by the Japanese to be the best (pays top dollar for), may be mediocre for some. The North Americans on the other hand prefers the full bodied, earthy Sumatra Mandheling and it has long been their favorite.

If you do not have any background or very little knowledge in coffee, we strongly suggest you attend the Gourmet Coffee Appreciation Workshop (Level 1) first. You may wish to then attend the Coffee Cupping Workshop (level 2) where we share with participants how to taste coffee and learn about the coffee origins from the different continents. Lastly, you may choose to sign up for our Professional Intensive Hands-on Barista Workshop (level 3) where you get to learn hands-on the art and science the preparing espresso beverages with the comercial espresso machine.

Coffee cupping (tasting) helps us discover what coffee we prefer by systematically evaluating the different characteristics of coffee world.

Held once every month, the objectives of this 2 hours workshop are:-

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